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We offer an assortment of offbeat and in-depth walking tours that everyone can enjoy. Tour options include French Quarter tours, Garden District tours, and more. We can even customize a private tour to complement your special event or corporate retreat.

Message Two Chicks Walking Tours online or give us a call today to learn how our walking tour guides can bring the history and culture of New Orleans to life for you.

Our History

Like many of New Orleans’ best creations, Two Chicks Walking Tours was hatched (…sorry) over cocktails. It came to life out of a heartfelt love of our city, and the desire to spark that love in others by sharing her enthralling story. We felt a need to unfold her colorful past with a passion we felt the typical tour, crowded onto historic streets, was unable to convey. The life of New Orleans needs no embellishment, and as stewards of her history we felt compelled to offer a curated tour for the genuinely interested and intellectually curious. We wanted to create the tours that we would love to take. The history of New Orleans is the history of our country, and is as much yours as that of the locals, who we are honored to say, also frequent Two Chicks.

Now in it’s ninth year of operations, Two Chicks Walking Tours has successfully fulfilled our vision through our collective of talented storytellers in the French Quarter and Garden District neighborhoods. Our style of southern hospitality features dynamic topics and interesting paths, allowing visitors and locals to explore the city on a deeper level. We are thrilled that by intuiting the need for a more personal approach, Two Chicks has garnered the attention of Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine and US News and World Report, among other notable publications. We developed our current offerings over time, all the while being honored with thousands of five star reviews along the way.

Join us to discover an appreciation for a city we all deserve to know.

An image of the French Quarter that can be toured with Two Chicks Walking Tours in New Orleans, LA

Meet the chicks and the rooster



BETSY is eccentric, curious, creative, and intuitive, according to a recent on-line test!  And, her colleagues wholeheartedly agree.  Betsy moved from Washington, DC to New Orleans 20+ years ago and she doesn’t see that changing any time soon.  She immediately embraced the city’s unique culture and it embraced her back!  She became involved with Krewe Du Vieux, a satirical Carnival organization.  Walking tours of the Garden District and French Quarter neighborhoods allows her to share her deep passion for her adopted home. Prior to leading guests on tours she worked in the convention industry.  Betsy LOVES everything New Orleans!

a person wearing a hat


DANNAL (rhymes with flannel) is a native of Arkansas who moved to New Orleans to go to Tulane. Except for two brief years, she has been here ever since. She has degrees in American studies and southern studies and a background in museum education. She has been a licensed tour guide since 2014 and loves to share her passion for New Orleans. She is also a huge Saints fan and loves to read, garden, attend local festivals, celebrate Mardi Gras and, as much as she loves her adopted city, TRAVEL.



KAREN is a native New Orleanian who has never missed a Mardi Gras!  You can find Karen on Bourbon Street on any given day or night because she lives there.  She’s been “leading her own parade” as an independent city planning consultant for over 25 years. Her love of the culture, food, architecture, music, literature, politics and characters of New Orleans is what led her to become a tour guide over 10 years ago. Karen leads visitors in the French Quarter, Garden District, Ladies of the Evenings tours and on customized private tour experiences. She loves to have her tour guests immerse themselves in New Orleans and gain a deep appreciation of her home!  Karen’s favorite thing about New Orleans is ALL of the above!

a man holding a sign


John HOPPER grew up in northern Illinois next to the Mississippi River and several decades ago he jumped in the river and started swimming south.  When the water started tasting salty, he got out and found himself in New Orleans.  He enjoys meeting visitors from all over the country and world and sharing the history, culture, cuisine, and music scene of New Orleans with them. Under the heading of who knew/that’s boring, Hopper has a COLLECTION of sand from hundreds of locations around the world.

a person posing for the camera


KYRAN is an ex-pat Canadian (great-great-great-GREAT grandchild of Acadians) whose obsession for history and passion for hospitality flourish in this storied and enchanting place she now calls home.  Kyran’s background as a writer, wanderer, and wrangler of three wonderful kids all come together in shepherding her guests through the twists and turns of New Orleans’ unique history, culture, and geography.  As an immigrant, she is deeply committed to presenting a fully dimensional perspective on the many threads that contribute to the amazing tapestry of New Orleans — complex, layered, sometimes difficult, but always fascinating. Kyran loves to orient tour guests in time, in place, and in culture to CHART an unforgettable New Orleans experience!



SARAH is a native New Orleanian and in addition to tour guiding works as an archivist. She loves the privilege of handling historic records that date back to the Colonial period. The archives hold centuries of correspondence, images, drawings, photos, and maps.  Her talent in fielding requests from researchers and genealogists leads to a deeper understanding of the history of New Orleans. Sarah brings her knowledge of the archives to tours in a manner such that visitors step back in time.  She loves the late winter in New Orleans when the citrus trees start blooming, followed by azaleas, gardenias, purple irises, and star jasmine. As the season changes to spring the city is a riot of color and delicious scents.  Sarah enjoys touring with CURIOUS visitors to New Orleans!

Meet the Head Chick-in-Charge

Cheryl Geisler riding a skateboard down a sidewalk


CHRISTINE is a New Yorker by birth but has been a New Orleanian for more than 30 years.. Christine moved to New Orleans to attend college, worked in the hospitality industry, fell in love with New Orleans and hasn’t looked back!  When she’s not engaged with tasks related to being the Head Chick-in-Charge she can be found strutting on the streets as a proud member of the Pussyfooters, which is a local ladies organization dedicated to supporting several womens non-profit organizations. She is a proud second generation small business owner and has been leading all of her Chick-o-Lettes (and roosters) for over 12 years as the owner of Two Chicks Walking Tours.  Christine loves being an AMBASSADOR to visitors of New Orleans!   

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