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Two Chicks Walking Tours is a small shop of local storytellers presenting uniquely New Orleans tours on a much more intimate scale than other companies. Louisiana culture is rich and varied, and so are the activities we offer. You may easily schedule a private tour or select one of our existing publicly offered experiences. We’re enthusiastic, cultural ambassadors standing by on the banks of the Mississippi waiting for your arrival. These tours are perfect for bachelorette parties, mancations, book club getaways, and corporate outings. Explore history with a team that’s nerdy by nature.

Public tours are focused around small groups with enjoyment in mind. Smaller numbers mean we can all spend less time waiting, and more time exploring. People work really hard for their vacation time, and we know this outing is a well-deserved treat.

These days, we also have a few roosters around the hen house. Don’t worry though, all guides are approved personally by the Head Chick in Charge.

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Christine Miller

About Christine Miller

Ashton Akridge

About - Ashton Akridge

Christine Miller is a New Yorker by birth and a New Orleanian by choice for over 30 years. She arrived in the Big Easy back in 1985 to attend Loyola University, and hasn’t been the same since. Christine is a legal streetwalker with a city-issued permit – our lead tour guide and storyteller, walking that walk and talking that talk. Christine is a proud member of the Pussyfooters and a Kazoozie Floozie in training. Christine returns to New York regularly where, among other things, she dances in the Coney Island Mermaid parade. You could say she likes it in the street. Ask her where to catch great music and get the tasty grub. She can also tell you where she got dem shoes. She conducts many tours personally, yet relies on the talents of personally selected guides to assist when needed. She enjoys being a gritty guardian of the groove and a glittery cultural ambassador.

Ashton Akridge, AKA Persé Fanny: This naughty little flirt has a habit of falling in love with any person that bats her an eye. Her heart changes beat like the seasons, as she flits about in search of her prisoner of love. Luckily for you, the longest season in New Orleans is hot as hell.

Persé Fanny has been a part of the New Orleans Burlesque scene for 4 years. She specializes in comedic acts and loves a good, traditional routine. Join her as she takes you on a trip through time in burlesque. You might just learn a few new tricks along the way.

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