Gracious Garden District Tour with Lafayette Cemetery #1


1:30 pm and 2 pm, Friday-Sunday.
Due to popular demand, weekdays have been added. Please check schedule for availability.
*Check in required 15 minutes prior to tour start time.

Tour Length

2 hours


$34.99 per person

Tour Description

For the leisurely adventurers who prefer a later start to the day, we offer our Gracious Garden District Tour for an afternoon romp through some of the city’s most enchanting and abundantly lavish sights. Your tour guide will meet you outside of Gracious Bakery, the perfect start to a decadent day touring the iconic Lafayette Cemetery #1 and surrounding architecture of the Garden District.

Planned in 1832 with active burials still occurring to this day, you’ll learn about the diverse lives laid to rest in the Lafayette Cemetery #1’s above ground tombs, as well as its role in books, movies, and culture throughout the decades. From there, you’ll get a glimpse of the immaculate homes, lush landscaping, and historic architecture that make up the Garden District neighborhood. From celebrity abodes and Hollywood scenes to unmatched restaurants and beloved local watering holes, the sights run the gamut. We’ll also explore how this land, originally an independent city called Lafayette, was turned from a plantation into the luxurious mansions and intricate cast iron fences that we see today.

Our intimate tours are always small in size, so you can ask questions and get all the time you need to revel in the history and culture of our lovely city. Call or text us today at 504-264-6258 to book your tour! You can also check out our Rave Page to hear from other travelers and read our blog for more offbeat ways to explore New Orleans on a path all your own.

Meeting Place

2854 St. Charles Avenue, outside Gracious Bakery. Please look for the guide outside who’ll be looking for guests with reservations.

Important Info

  • Please provide us a valid cell phone number so that we can contact you in the event of changes.
  • International travelers can use WhatsApp and contact us at 504-264-6258.
  • For the mobility impaired: Be aware the historic streets of the French Quarter and Garden District are notoriously uneven and present challenges. Our tours measure 1–1.5 miles in length.
  • DON’T TRUST THE STREETCAR to deliver you to the tour on time. Enjoy it afterward, when time is not an issue. It’s the most charming, historic and UNRELIABLE form of transportation on the planet. Call United Cabs at 504-522-9771 or use Lyft or Uber.

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