Cemetery Walking Tours in New Orleans

Explore the rich history of New Orleans’ cemeteries from an anything-but-grave perspective. Two Chicks Walking Tours offers four unique opportunities to experience the city’s most alluring places of burial.

Grand Garden District Tour with Lafayette Cemetery #1

Our two-hour cemetery walking tour lets you delve even deeper into New Orleans’ vibrant past. This on-foot excursion showcases the best of the Garden District, including Lafayette Cemetery #1 in its center. From the district’s grand Antebellum mansions to its colorful Victorian-style homes, we share the history and culture of this affluent area. We’ll even give you a pick at some of your favorite celebrities’ homes. The cemetery component of this activity is a small portion of the overall experience.

St. Louis Cemetery #1 (New Orleans Cemetery Tour)

Join us for an hour-long exploration of New Orleans’ oldest existing cemetery. Established near the end of the 18th century, St. Louis Cemetery #1 is still in use today, and it’s only accessible to the general public through a licensed tour guide. Our guided adventure offers a glimpse into the evolution of death and burial practices in our area as we walk through a labyrinth of tombs from the past and present. This majestic above-ground cemetery is the final resting place of Marie Laveau, and Nicolas Cage owns a pyramid-shaped vault here for his future and final reservation. Fans of the cult classic film Easy Rider will be interested to see where a particularly sordid scene was filmed, without permission.

DEAD Sexy (New Orleans Cemetery & French Quarter)

New Orleans’ provocative past is an alluring part of our city’s diverse and deep-rooted culture. Celebrate it with us on this two-hour walk through the outskirts of the bustling French Quarter. Our story begins with the centuries-old tombs and vaults that scatter the grounds of St. Louis Cemetery #1. Next, we discuss the world’s oldest profession. Storyville served as New Orleans’ red-light district during the early 1900s, and our conversation will center around the decadent period as well as time periods pre and post. We wrap things up at one of our favorite local bars.

Gracious Garden District & Lafayette Cemetery #1

Our newest tour option provides a slightly different way of exploring the Garden District and the historic Lafayette cemetery. A world away from the French Quarter, this exquisite neighborhood is best appreciated with a knowledgeable guide. Amazing architecture, the architects and their patrons are discussed in a manner that is accessible and relevant. A few points of reference to pop culture and football royalty are also in the mix.

Two Chicks Walking Tours operates year-round, and tours take place daily with confirmed reservations. Bring a friend, bring a lover, or plan a private cemetery walking tour for your bachelorette party. Contact us to learn more, and book yours today!

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